Andy Myers    Lead Guitar & Vocals


Under Lock & Key - The Rest of Us - (Bass/B Vocals) 1989

Coup de Grace - (Guitar/Keyboards/B Vocals) 1991

Dr Fondle - This Might Hurt a Little - (Guitar/Keyboards/Lead Vocals) 1992

The Swill - Sniff the Pig/Murky Entrance -  (Drums) 1996

Redhouse - About Bloody Time Too !! - (Guitar/Vocals) 2005

Redhouse - Audio Grafitti - (Guitar/Vocals/Guitar Synth) 2007


Steinberger Spirit / Roland GK3

Epiphone Les Paul (3)

Squier Strat

Squier/Peavey Telecaster

Roland GR300 Guitar Synthesizer

Zoom Effects Processor

Yamaha G100 (112) Combo Amp (1980`s) - Still going strong after 18 years

1 X 12 Extension Cab

Jin Dunlop Black Nylon 1mm Picks

Musical Influences/Likes

Rush / Muse / Genesis (not at all sorry)


U2 (not the self indulgent stuff)

Yes (including the self indulgent stuff


Marillion (H Onwards)

My Chemical Romance

Green Day



Middle aged Women

Lager & Lime

Too Many more to list

Born 1962 singing Beatles Stuff (thanx brother)

1st Guitar at 10 (thanx brother)

1st Electric at 12 (thanx brother in law )

Never stopped since

Enjoy !!!!!