Mick Clark    Drums

Once voted sexiest man in Leeds, and appeared as centre spread in the Leeds Intelligencier (forerunner to the Yorkshire Evening Post).

Mick Clark is not my real name - I was born Dustin Clark.

I have been an extra on several hit 1950s TV shows including Muffin The Mule.


Stand in drummer on KINKY AFRO by the Happy Mondays.

Once allegedly recorded under the name COZY POWELL

Played very distantly on DISTANT DRUMS by JIM REEVES

Played one handedly to complement DEF LEPPARD’s drummer ina live recorded gig @ the Special Olympics 1980.

Musical Influences/Likes

Cliff Richard, Aqua, Bay City Rollers, Windsor Davies and Don Estelle, Joe Dolce, Divine, Marc Almond and Marilyn Mansun.

Any gay act

Alan Carr

Middle aged men


Usually jeans, T shirt  & sunglasses (to hide his blood shot eyes ...ed) ... oh ... and a few drums and cymbals.