FOG         Band History   2004-08

FOG started life in 2004 when Chris got together with two other guys in the back room of Scholes Village Hall, near Leeds. In time-honoured tradition the words 'see how it goes' were uttered.

2004 saw FOG make just two appearances, firstly as part of a concert in the same village hall in May as a 4-piece, and then an initial pub gig over at The Bay Horse Cherry Burton, near Beverley was played as a 6-piece. Various other commitments restricted anything further.

2005 was when the real roots of the band were being formed, with both Peter and Mick joining in the Spring/Summer. At this point two other members of the band's first line-up were also still involved and in September the new 5-piece line-up debuted at The Primrose in Leeds with a 45 minute set.

2006 saw the same 5-piece play 30 gigs throughout Yorkshire. Autumn brought about Andy's first involvement with FOG. Initially 'filling-in' as a result of original band member Pete Ward leaving Andy was soon to become a committed FOGGIE !!

2007 was the year when FOG really began earning a great reputation for entertaining pub, wedding, party audiences and rock aficionados alike, playing over 40 gigs. In September FOG became a 4-piece when another original band member Jon Bliss left.

2008 looks all set to become even busier than last year! By the end of 2007 FOG already had over 20 bookings in the diary including a number of 'Special Event' dates as a result of recommendations.